Los tiempos cambian, los paradigmas cambian, el intercambio de información cambia. El intercambio global y libre ha dejado de ser una utopía. / Times changes, paradigms changes, the exchange of information changes. The global free exchange has stopped being a utopia.

martes, 1 de agosto de 2017

Kenneth Gaburo / Maledetto (1974)

Language is context-bound and context is language-bound. Thus, any attempt to describe that which Maledetto already puts forth would require either a complete re-statement of the work (obviously ridiculous), or some meaningful extractions (obviously simplistic and censorial). But, to put forth the assertion that Maledetto is a bounded, self-contained entity requires the further assertion that any other language which attends to it, i.e., any and all statements which give/gave rise to it, and any and all statements which follow/followed from it, resides in the domain of a para-language. A para-language is herein defined as some sort of corona which surrounds, accompanies, and presumably attends to a given composition. but is not the composition. nor can it be. Para-languages appear. Sometimes they seem to constructively fulfill (I think) the need to go beyond that which any particular phenomenon (say a composition) generates, and sometimes they seem to replace (I think) the very language they are "para's" of.


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